About Us

Hi! I’m Annie, founder of soThis, and I have a confession.

I hate book clubs. 

Well, I hate book clubs that are a thinly-veiled excuse to drink wine and hang out. (I am totally down for that – just call it that!) 

I also can’t stand book clubs that pick a “safe,” easy-to-read book instead of selecting something more challenging or controversial.

I believe the challenge is where the magic happens.

soThis book club was born during the COVID lockdown, when I was reminded how books can be a means of both discovery and escape. I realized firsthand the power of having a community with a shared love of reading and having a place for connection and rich discussion.

FYI, the inspiration for our name comes from the badass goddess Sothis, whose name means “skilled woman.”

A little about me: I’m a super-reader who has had my nose in a book since 1975.

I’m a morning person, a Capricorn, and an eternal optimist who’s happiest when I’m crushing my TBR pile and hanging at the beach with my 4 (usually) great kids and 1 very naughty miniature schnauzer.