Top Tips to Read More

Why read?  Well, it’s good for your mental health, sharpens your brain, makes you more empathetic, and helps you learn.  Plus, it’s FUN!


The #1 question that I am asked is “how do you read so much?” My initial response would be because I love it, but after further thought, it’s also because it has been a habit since I was a little girl.


Here are some of my top tips to get you on your way to reading more often.

#1 – Not sure what to read?  Check out the Goodreads site/app for book ideas. You can follow me for suggestions. I log and rate everything I read.  And, hey follow me on Instagram, too.


#2 – Try to support local bookstores whenever you can. I am also a big fan of the good old public library where books are plentiful and FREE!  Find yours here.


#3 Speaking of the library, did you know that you can download e-books and audiobooks for free from your local library using The Libby app?  You can learn more here.


#4 – While we are at it, audiobooks totally count as reading.  And, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.


#5 Have your TBR (To Be Read) pile ready to go! I use Goodreads to keep track of what I want to read next, but keeping a good old-fashioned list works, too.


#6 Only read what you love, as per the 10 Inalienable Rights of the Reader by French author Daniel Pennac.


#7 Join a book club!  Book clubs are fun, they provide accountability (if you need it), and they take  the guesswork out of figuring what to read.  I might just happen to know a good one you can join!  Get started at soThis here.