It’s the moooooooost wonderful time of the year…

But seriously, it is the perfect time to (re) commit to reading and to you. On that note, I am announcing our fall soThis book club picks here.  If you have been thinking about joining the soThis book club, this is your sign the time is now. We will be reading and discussing some really interesting books this fall. 

You can get started here and of course message me with any questions.  Consider this your syllabus, and go enjoy some book shopping!

Drumroll please…


If big Irish Catholic families and Chicago are your jam, then this book is for you. Bonus points if you love 90’s music, the Cubs, and have ever worked in a restaurant.
The author Jennifer Close will be joining our book discussion on 9/29


Wow! I had no idea where this mind-bender of a book was going and I was totally along for the ride. I’m thrilled to hear Kate Winslet will be producing/starring in the upcoming HBO adaptation.

The author Hernan Diaz will be joining our discussion on 10/26.


This charming, thought-provoking novel  explores the themes of regret, choice, the concept of “a perfect life,” and so much more.  

We will have a special guest co-host for November who will help facilitate a series of discussions around topics in this book.  Stay tuned for more info.  

I’m so excited to read and discuss along with you!  

xo, Annie