If you have been thinking about joining the soThis book club, this is the perfect time to jump in  and read along with us in September.  We have a really fun book club pick, Marrying the Ketchups  and we will be chatting with the author Jennifer Close on Zoom on 9/29.   You can get started with the book club here and of course message me with any questions! 

Here’s the dish on Marrying the Ketchups and 2 other books I read recently…

Marrying the Ketchups by Jennifer Close. 

If big Irish Catholic families and Chicago are your jam, then this book is for you. Bonus points if you love 90’s music, the Cubs and have ever worked in a restaurant.

Jennifer will be joining our discussion on 9/29

Cult Classic by Sloane Crosley

​​The premise of this darkly humorous book is intriguing. What exactly would happen if you found your exes everywhere you turned? (in New York City, no less.) Is it a coincidence or something else? You have to keep reading to find out!

Reputation by Sarah Vaughn

If you loved Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix, you will definitely like Sarah Vaughn’s latest psychological thriller too.  It’s the same author and the same British suspenseful, twisty vibe. 

P.S. If you loved the style on Anatomy of a Scandal, don’t miss this IG.